Fixed Mortgage Rates

Switching to a New Mortgage Deal Could Save You More & For Longer

If you currently are on a fixed rate mortgage deal don’t fall into your lenders SVR “trap”, act now before your fixed rate mortgage deal ends

Anyone who fails to switch from their current fixed rate deals to a new deal is likely to see their monthly mortgage cost to rise by at least £100, as their lender switches them automatically onto their standard variable rate.

By contacting an independent mortgage adviser they could benefit from the current market competition, where current fixed rates are lower than for a long time and for a longer fixed rate period.

Switch With Us Before Leaving Your Fixed Period To Save

Borrowers who fail to review their options will be automatically moved onto the standard SVR which vary significantly, with many of them being raised in the past year despite the Bank of England base rate being held steady at a record low level since 2009.
With potential increases in house valuations during the intervening period of the previous fixed rate deal the lower loan to value ration may be an additional bonus also, particularly where the mortgage has fallen below 75% of the property value.
An independent Mortgage Adviser, such as Morgan Mortgages Ltd, can quickly review the market with you, and identify a rate and deal that best suits your circumstances. Lenders have struggle to meet their lending targets so far in 2019, due to borrower caution over the outcome of Brexit and therefore are reducing rates to attract new borrowers. This increased competition means that transferring to their current lenders new fixed rate deal means the customer misses out on more attractive deals elsewhere.

Mortgage Loyalty Can Cost You In The Long Run

The next steps to take in switching your Mortgage

  1. Call Morgan Mortgages Ltd for an initial conversation, free of charge
  2. They will review your current mortgage deal
  3. We take your personal circumstances and objectives into account to understand how to best advise you

We will make a recommendation and if accepted will deal with all of the paperwork for you, potentially cutting the monthly cost of your mortgage, allowing you to borrow more for the same cost as your previous deal or reducing the term of your mortgage at no extra cost

Posted Sunday February 9, 2020

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Mortgage Testimonials

"You can see the determination and experience they have really shine through when chasing up on every little detail from our providers"

Having Andy at Morgan Mortgages Ltd guide us through the process of buying our first property really helped take the stress out of the purchase. They were completely open and easy to contact- and you can really see the determination and experience they have really shine through when chasing up on every little detail from our providers. I couldn't recommend them enough!

J. Williams

"Professional, friendly and absolute experts in what they do"

I used Morgan Mortgages Ltd whilst buying my first house as both my Mortgage and Insurance Adviser. They were extremely helpful and took over all the legwork, letting us concentrate on all the other aspects of buying a house. Professional, friendly and absolute experts in what they do.

Jamie McGrory

"Andy helped me through every step of the way and I am so gratefully for his effort and help throughout the whole process"

I first came across Morgan Mortgages Ltd when I was highly recommended by a good friend, When talking to Andy I explained that I had been to other mortgage advisor who could not help me, we spoke about what I needed to achieve for me over the phone and arranged to have a meeting. Andy came around to my house where we had an in depth chat about what I want him to do for me and his company background etc. He went away from meeting and done lots of research before calling me saying he could help me, I was over the moon when I had the phone call as had been to other advisor who just couldn’t help me.

It didn’t stop there as Andy helped me through every step of the way and I am so gratefully for his effort and help throughout the whole process. With Morgan Mortgages you most certainly get an outstanding stress free service, I will and have been highly recommending Morgan Mortgages Ltd to anyone I think they could help.

William Harraway

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